Buried Treasure

First thing this morning I was enjoying a cup of tea with my mum as she put on her make-up for work, when the side of a box under her bed caught my eye…..Of course, I pulled it out to investigate. This is what I found:

Not only is it full of beautiful yarn from the Natural Dye Studio, there is a granny square blanket pattern, and 92 gorgeous finished granny squares!


This has been untouched, under the bed for a long time so with mum’s permission I am taking over where she left off to contribute a few more granny squares!

Apart from the fact that this is only my second ever attempt at a granny square, the only issue I came across was that my mum wasn’t sure what hook size she used. The pattern said 5mm, but my mum’s work looked like it used a smaller size. She thought she might have used a 4.5mm hook, so that’s what I started with.

IMG_1930 (2)

I’m not sure if it was purely just hook size or whether we have very different tensions, but my square turned out a lot bigger than the existing ones (my first attempt is on the left with the pink and purple border, the yellow bordered square is one of my mum’s). So I swapped my hook down to 4mm and consciously tried not to stitch too loose, and my second attempt came out much, much better (the middle one).

Progress was hindered slightly by my little helper….


Meet Maisie, one of my four cats. She is ever so sweet but just like a toddler – into everything and I need eyes in the back of my head when she’s around. She loves nothing more than to get excitable when yarn is involved, although it usually ends in tangles! I wouldn’t change her for the world though.

For those of you who saw yesterday’s post about my little frame, I have decided to go for some sewing related embroidery in each heart. I did end up getting distracted yesterday though, so I haven’t actually done it yet. When I have, I will provide photographic evidence! Thank you to Lucie for your input. For anyone who hasn’t already, check out Lucie’s blog – packed full of gorgeous clothes and crochet! As a very new blogger (3 days now!), I am particularly enjoying the nature of blogs/bloggers and the journey that I end up taking from one person’s blog to the next via links/pictures etc., it’s a fantastic way of discovering new sites and meeting new people with similar interests. So much so that my poor university work has suffered this week while I’m busy being inspired by other peoples’ handiwork! I’ll start again with my work on Monday. Until then, I’m going to make the most of my crafty time.

Emily x


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