Bargain Buys and a Beautiful Blanket!

Fantastic morning! I was so close to not going to this particular event, but now I am SO glad I made the effort to go. It was a local fabric/crafting sale that was run by members of the Quilters’ Guild. And what a success it was too.


On sale was a huge selection of fabrics, books, magazines, patterns, threads, and much more! And tea and cake, obviously. My very first purchase was a bag of scraps – pick and mix style from huge buckets, bought by the sandwich bag! What a good idea, I adore scraps of fabric and it’s so nice to think that I can make something out of scraps that probably would have been thrown away.

I also bought fabric by the fat quarter and half metre, most of which are small floral prints (surprise!):




Small floral prints…….yummy.



These two fat quarters caught my eye, I have a nice collection of reds and creams and these will either join my collection, or they would make something pretty on their own. I don’t have any plans for them yet!



I think these three fabrics might end up as a pin cushion. All from different sellers, costing a grand total of £1.10! Aren’t they beautiful? And they go together so well.



And once again, I have no plans for these three yet, but just couldn’t resist them. They are right up my street!

As well as fabrics, I also got these gorgeous patchwork blocks. They have been hand sewn by the lady that was selling them, and came either individually (50p each) or as a set of 16 blocks. As much as I don’t need any more half-finished projects, I really didn’t like to think of these dainty little blocks going to waste so I am looking forward to putting them together into a small lap quilt. I have my boyfriend’s mum to thank for these blocks, as I had actually run out of cash at this point! I am terrible at carrying money and nearly always only have my debit card, which is no use in a village hall out in the country!



And finally, my favourite purchase of the day……….the prettiest little crocheted blanket made out of tiny granny squares! ……


It does need a little work. It’s difficult to see in the pictures, but there is one little square that needs repairing as it is not very well attached any more, and one has already come out entirely. You might just spot the hole in the picture of the quilt spread out on my floor!

The blanket is actually currently in my freezer (!). Freezing yarn/fibre/clothing is a way of eliminating moth larvae…..I guess you do learn something new every day – thanks mum! We don’t know that this blanket has been exposed to moths, but moth larvae do cause damage to fibres and it is one of many possible explanations for the damage. For the sake of a few days in the freezer, its’s a precaution I’m willing to take. I don’t have any plans to patch it up quite yet as I will need to source a matching yarn, so I’ll use the time wisely, just to be sure.

And just in case one tiny granny square blanket wasn’t enough for me, I’ve also ordered some Drops Alpaca 4ply yarn in a selection of colours to make my own version! This little blanket totally inspired me. When my yarn arrives, I’ll be sure to post a picture.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

Emily x


One thought on “Bargain Buys and a Beautiful Blanket!

  1. It was an amazing event with lots of bargains for everyone. I love the fabrics I managed to grab and am now about to join the quilters’ guild and hope they hold more of these events.
    Love the little blanket Emily but what I love more is that you now appreciate my insanity that you used to mock! xx


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