UFO Saturday

I am part of a lovely group of ladies who make up the Chestfield Quilters – we meet every other week for an evening of patchwork. Some evenings we have a set project to start (if we can all decide on a pattern/idea), some evenings we organise for fabric traders to come by, but mostly we sit, sew and chat. Every once in a while we have UFO days – UnFinished Object days! These are really lovely days, usually Saturday’s, where we hire a hall for the whole day and only stop sewing for coffee or lunch! Last weekend was our most recent UFO day. As I have a shocking number of unfinished objects, I was determined to be productive! Here’s what I got up to:

1) I finished making a sewing apron. It was mainly sewn together but needed top stitching. I did this project first so that I could wear it for the rest of the day! I haven’t taken photographs of it yet, I promise I will do soon. The apron is reversible, mine is linen on one side and a pretty purple and cream floral fabric on the other. I am yet to sew my pockets on, and I’d like to do some embroidery on it too as a way of personalising it – hence why I chose plain linen. 

2) I made a cushion. It is very simple – made up of squares that were using up left over jelly roll strips from a previous quilt. The squares had been pieced for a long time so I put the piece on some wadding, hand quilted with some cross stitches, appliquéd on a heart, and then attached two back pieces. I prefer to make my cushions this way as I like that they don’t require any Velcro/buttons/zip. I cut out two pieces of backing fabric that were the same size as the front piece. I folded over about 1 and a half inches of each piece and top stitched each one down. I then placed them face down onto the front piece and stitched all around the edge. The whole thing then turns in the right way and the cushion fits inside, closing up like a pillow cover. To finish it off, I top stitched all around the edge, which I think gives it a more polished finish. I’m really pleased with it, and I love that it also matches the quilt that is made from the rest of the jelly roll! 

And finally,

3) I made a bag. Once again, the front was pieced but the bag needed assembling. This took some fiddling, and the zip did test my patience. But one snapped needle later, and with some help from my mum, it did come together and now I love it. I’m not sure what it’s going to contain yet – possibly the ever growing collection of alpaca granny squares!

My next plans are to block my little granny squares which are a little curly, make up some baby quilt tops, and then hopefully get a few of my crochet WIPs finished! After my busy day of sewing I am looking forward to getting the hooks out this week so I hope to update you with some crochet projects shortly!

Emily x


Spring sort out

As it is now the beginning of spring, and as I have a rapidly growing stash of fabric and yarn, I decided it was time to have a good old tidy up. I dragged my other half out to IKEA, and after escaping the most hideous traffic jam I was able to buy myself a new storage unit. I already had one large and one small Kallax unit, so was able to buy another large one to match the existing ones. These units are really handy as they are easy to put together and they can be used in so many ways – there are so many baskets or boxes that fit inside. Over the following few days I sorted through all of my crafty things, making sure they were organised into appropriate boxes or baskets. I am now all organised and can’t wait to dig into my newly organised stash! But first, I have far too many WIPs to crack on with. 

Updates to follow!

Emily x

Catch up marathon post!

Sorry for such a delay in between posts! I’ve had a very busy week! So I’ve had a good day of catching up today; I’ve tidied and cleaned, done my filing, sorted through a cupboard, made dinner so it’s ready to warm through this evening, planned my next essay and now I finally have chance to catch up with my poor, neglected blog.

First things first, I’m going to show off my new fabrics. This weekend just gone, I travelled up to Duxford Imperial War Museum for the Spring Quilt Festival. They had a large display of beautiful, inspiring quilts, and patchwork/fabric supplier stands. I didn’t have anything particular in mind that I wanted to buy so I went in open minded, and managed to spend a small fortune! I only bought fabric, and I don’t have plans for half of it, so it will all join my stash and await the day I find a use/pattern for it!

This first little bundle does have plans though, as I bought enough fabric in this range to make a quilt top. Here I have a jelly roll, a charm pack, one 1/2 metre piece and one fat quarter. I plan to do something in the quilt centre with the charm pack squares, and then arrange the jelly roll strips around the outside. I’m not 100% sure on the details of the design though, and I’m not ready to start it yet anyway as I have FAR too many WIPs that need finishing. I’ll wait and see how long I last though.Apologies for the poor light and picture quality – I’ll give you a better picture when I come to use the fabrics.

IMG_2245 (2)


This gorgeous little box is also going to make a quilt top, but probably a much more simple design – I was considering just rectangular strips. I want to keep the design as simple as possible to make the most of the pretty liberty prints, plus the fabric is already in rectangular pieces.

IMG_2233 (2)

And here are the other fabrics I treated myself to – these are smaller collections or random pieces that I bought purely because I liked them! I’m sure you’ll see some of them in the near future, hopefully as nice little bags/quilts/cushions etc!

And this yummy charm pack!


Now time for some project updates! First up is a gift I made for my mum for Mothers’ Day. My mum has a new purse which is smaller than her last, which means there isn’t quite enough room for all of her loyalty/membership cards (she has a lot!). So it was only right that I made her a little card holder. And what’s really nice is that all the fabric (except one of the lining pieces) are scraps from one of her best friends’ work, which I picked up from her at the fabric stash sale a couple of weeks ago. Here it is!



And as I promised a little while ago, I’ve got some pictures of my new yarn. Drops Alpaca 4ply. It is beautifully soft and nice to work with.


This yarn is making these – my first tiny granny squares that are eventually going to make a blanket similar to the little vintage one I bought! They are small and fiddly, and at first I couldn’t decide on a hook size. A 2mm hook made a nice sized square, but the hook was a little small for the yarn (which is 4ply) which meant that the yarn kept getting split and dropped, and it was not enjoyable to use. So I switched to a 2.5mm hook (the next size up that I had at home) which was much nicer to use, but I thought the squares were too big. So finally, I ordered a 2.25mm hook from the internet, and that is the one I have stuck with. In reality, the squares aren’t that different in size! I probably could have stuck with the biggest hook because the 0.25mm possibly didn’t make that much of a difference. But never mind, I’m sticking with the one I’ve got now! Here are my squares so far:


I am loving these, despite not really enjoying the first few. The very depressing news it that my vintage blanket is made up of 432 squares! And I’m currently working on #9. I’ve got a long way to go……So I’m off to whip up a few more before dinner!

Enjoy the rest of your week, hopefully it won’t be as long before my next post!

Emily x