Catch up marathon post!

Sorry for such a delay in between posts! I’ve had a very busy week! So I’ve had a good day of catching up today; I’ve tidied and cleaned, done my filing, sorted through a cupboard, made dinner so it’s ready to warm through this evening, planned my next essay and now I finally have chance to catch up with my poor, neglected blog.

First things first, I’m going to show off my new fabrics. This weekend just gone, I travelled up to Duxford Imperial War Museum for the Spring Quilt Festival. They had a large display of beautiful, inspiring quilts, and patchwork/fabric supplier stands. I didn’t have anything particular in mind that I wanted to buy so I went in open minded, and managed to spend a small fortune! I only bought fabric, and I don’t have plans for half of it, so it will all join my stash and await the day I find a use/pattern for it!

This first little bundle does have plans though, as I bought enough fabric in this range to make a quilt top. Here I have a jelly roll, a charm pack, one 1/2 metre piece and one fat quarter. I plan to do something in the quilt centre with the charm pack squares, and then arrange the jelly roll strips around the outside. I’m not 100% sure on the details of the design though, and I’m not ready to start it yet anyway as I have FAR too many WIPs that need finishing. I’ll wait and see how long I last though.Apologies for the poor light and picture quality – I’ll give you a better picture when I come to use the fabrics.

IMG_2245 (2)


This gorgeous little box is also going to make a quilt top, but probably a much more simple design – I was considering just rectangular strips. I want to keep the design as simple as possible to make the most of the pretty liberty prints, plus the fabric is already in rectangular pieces.

IMG_2233 (2)

And here are the other fabrics I treated myself to – these are smaller collections or random pieces that I bought purely because I liked them! I’m sure you’ll see some of them in the near future, hopefully as nice little bags/quilts/cushions etc!

And this yummy charm pack!


Now time for some project updates! First up is a gift I made for my mum for Mothers’ Day. My mum has a new purse which is smaller than her last, which means there isn’t quite enough room for all of her loyalty/membership cards (she has a lot!). So it was only right that I made her a little card holder. And what’s really nice is that all the fabric (except one of the lining pieces) are scraps from one of her best friends’ work, which I picked up from her at the fabric stash sale a couple of weeks ago. Here it is!



And as I promised a little while ago, I’ve got some pictures of my new yarn. Drops Alpaca 4ply. It is beautifully soft and nice to work with.


This yarn is making these – my first tiny granny squares that are eventually going to make a blanket similar to the little vintage one I bought! They are small and fiddly, and at first I couldn’t decide on a hook size. A 2mm hook made a nice sized square, but the hook was a little small for the yarn (which is 4ply) which meant that the yarn kept getting split and dropped, and it was not enjoyable to use. So I switched to a 2.5mm hook (the next size up that I had at home) which was much nicer to use, but I thought the squares were too big. So finally, I ordered a 2.25mm hook from the internet, and that is the one I have stuck with. In reality, the squares aren’t that different in size! I probably could have stuck with the biggest hook because the 0.25mm possibly didn’t make that much of a difference. But never mind, I’m sticking with the one I’ve got now! Here are my squares so far:


I am loving these, despite not really enjoying the first few. The very depressing news it that my vintage blanket is made up of 432 squares! And I’m currently working on #9. I’ve got a long way to go……So I’m off to whip up a few more before dinner!

Enjoy the rest of your week, hopefully it won’t be as long before my next post!

Emily x




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