W.I.P. Wednesday 24/2/16

Today, my day off from university work began with a beautiful frost on a bright and sunny but very chilly morning.

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I spent my morning and part of my afternoon in Faversham, primarily to see a friend but I also enjoyed meeting my mum on her lunch break from work. We spent her lunch hour in one of our favourite places, the fantastic luxury yarn shop – The Old Pharmacy. The shop opened in September last year – it sells an amazing selection of yarns and is run by very inspiring and helpful people. My mum and I are regulars here and often spend our lunch breaks sat on their sofa, knitting our break away.


Please check out their website or Facebook page for more details – as well and gorgeous yarns/needles/hooks and more The Old Pharmacy also offer workshops and classes and a knit night for getting together with other local crafters! I can thoroughly recommend them.

This afternoon’s project is one of many works in progress. I am terrible at finishing projects and always have so many things on the go at once! This project does have a deadline however, as it is another present for my friend’s baby boy.


This little blanket is a crocheted ripple blanket in blues and grey. The pattern is the Neat Ripple Blanket by Lucy of the gorgeous Attic24 blog, and the yarn is Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK, purchased from The Old Pharmacy.


I have one more job for this afternoon too – a joint project! My mum has pieced some pretty purple hexagons to re-vamp her bedroom stool, my job is to cover it! So I’m off to find a staple gun and have a play around….photographs to follow later on!

Emily x



Hello! Welcome to my new blog. I’m brand new to blogging so please be patient with me! Tonight I am working on a stripy baby cardigan for my best friend who is expecting her second baby. The pattern is by Debbie Bliss and can be found in her Ultimate Book of Baby Knits. The yarn I am using is Drops baby merino. This is my first knitting project since I was a child so progress is slow but I am enjoying it and looking forward to seeing the finished cardigan! X